Prevention of nocturnal involuntary ejaculation

  1. Do not eat a lot before going to sleep and do not eat fatty foods.
  2. Lying in bed, think of something good not associated with sex.
  3. Falling asleep, task yourself with stopping erotic dreams.
  4. If you cannot stop an erotic scene of a dream and the urge of an erection have begun already, you need to quickly stand up on the floor, clench the muscles of the pelvic floor and thighs, and intensely pull the energy through the backbone to the head until the urges completely cease.
  5. If you cannot relax and stop the erection, you should apply pressure with your fingers. Strongly press your fingers at the point midway between the scrotum and the anus. This is the place where the spermaduct connects to the urethra, which when pressed prevents semen from getting out. Let's suppose that the finger pressure has prevented an ejaculation, but a part of the energy has still gone out, and the remaining part is “seething” at the underbelly. Then you need to pull the energy up to the head again.

The above technique is extremely useful. You just need to begin working on yourself.