Tikkun ha-Berit for married ones

Let me give some practical tips to help a man not to emit the seed during the intimacy to strengthen the family:

  1. stop when you feel an erection approaching;
  2. only go halfway out (to avoid pressure on the pubic bone);
  3. squeeze the meatus (the end of the urethra found at the end of the penis) as much as possible and pull the energy through the loin along the spine upward to the crown of the head;
  4. if this fails to appease the wave of excitement, you should press with three fingers (forefinger, middle and ring) at the place where the spermaduct connects to the urethra, by pushing between the scrotum and the anus — either until the complete cessation of the “pulse” or until regaining control of yourself.

In any case, you should continue to stay inside so that even if a drop of sperm were to leak, it would come into the vagina and would not be considered emitted in vain.